Sammy Cashen


  • Did you have a sense of achievement when you purchased your first luxury item ??
  • In action at fashion week || Who else wishes fashion week was every week ?
  • Buy the bag, it's an Investment || Now on the blog.
  • WINTER EXCITEMENT || Does anyone else get excited when they can start wearing there boots again or is that just me ?
  • Throwback to my AMAZING makeup @maccosmetics did for the @westfielddoncaster @vamff insider luncheon I attended earlier this year || Who else wishes they had a make up artist on call ??
  • Buy the bag, it's an investment - Coming to the blog soon.
  • TRENDING - Neck-ties
  • Channeling my inner free spirited hippy thanks to @kookai_australia and @westfielddoncaster || Playful Fringing now on the blog.
  • Now on the blog - Playful Fringing - Outfit thanks to @westfielddoncaster xx

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